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Meet Our Practitioners


Danielle Murolo

Owner, Founder, - Reiki & Sound Healing Practitioner

Meet Danielle Murolo, the visionary Founder and a dedicated Reiki & Sound Healing Practitioner on a transformative mission.

Danielle's odyssey into healing commenced 14 years ago, a pivotal moment when she realized that despite corporate success, her life lacked fulfillment and joy. As a single mother raising two children, grappling with anxiety, depression, and physical health issues, Danielle courageously embarked on a journey to transcend pain, alter her trajectory, and release old energetic patterns that no longer served her.

Rooted in a childhood deeply connected to spirit, Danielle drew inspiration from her grandmother's teachings on the profound importance of connecting with the Divine. Choosing to look within, listen to her higher self, and trust the spiritual realm, Danielle embraced meditation, finding immense peace. This transformative practice led her to explore more natural healing methods, culminating in a life-changing Reiki Session in 2016. In that moment, Danielle experienced unparalleled peace, free from pain and with a mind at ease, marking a turning point in her life.

Through consistent spiritual healing practices, Danielle discovered a newfound sense of peace and balance. This inner harmony empowered her to approach life with gratitude, joy, and creativity, manifesting the abundant and graceful existence she had always envisioned. Free from anxiety, depression, and medications, Danielle became devoted to her spiritual practice, perpetual healing, and nurturing her family.

In 2020, Danielle achieved certification as a Reiki practitioner, driven by her profound journey to assist others on their paths to healing. In 2023, Danielle added another dimension to her healing expertise by becoming a certified Sound Healer. This additional certification reflects her ongoing commitment to expanding her skills and offering a holistic approach to well-being. Now, as a certified Reiki and Sound Healing practitioner, Danielle actively engages with individuals, utilizing the transformative powers of Reiki and Sound Healing to harmonize their bodies, minds, and spirits.

Danielle's story is one of resilience, spiritual awakening, and a deep commitment to facilitating healing journeys for others. As a Founder and practitioner, she channels her experiences into creating a sacred space where others can embark on their own transformative odysseys.


Patrice Ranieri

Reiki Master & Sound Healing Practitioner

Patrice, a mother of three , with a very demanding career on Wall Street, began her healing journey about 10 years ago after experiencing a very humbling and significant loss. Suffering already with PTSD from the events of 9/11 and desperate for peace, she turned to meditation. And through a series of synchronincities began connecting with a network of holistic health practitioners and some incredible human beings. Patrice explored many healing techniques and modalities, one being Reiki. Her very first experience with Reiki, was so profound she needed to learn more and share with anyone willing to receive! Patrice obtained her Reiki certificates in 2017 and the last 5 years has offered her gift and services in various settings such as Monthly Healing Circles, one on one sessions, private and large events ranging from 10 to100 people. However, Patrice's true passion is working with children. To be able to introduce a child, at an early age, on how to obtain peace, techniques in mindfulness, and the power that our energy has on the collective is the most rewarding of them all!

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